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On My Quest for Inclusion, Cupcake and Dino Take the Cake

Courtesy of Cupcake & Dino General Services via Netflix

Ever since I found Cupcake & Dino General Services on Netflix, it’s been one of the shows where I’ve felt most included as a queer, non-binary person. For those who haven’t seen the animated series, it features a living giant cupcake and his yellow dinosaur brother who provide general services to those who live in Big City. The characters the brothers serve happen to be vegetables, birds, ghosts, jugs of juice, and many, many more. It’s a diverse and colorful world, for sure.

Cupcake & Dino is also unafraid of queer and non-normative representation—for instance, there is a point where Dino, who has always wanted to dress high-femme, is supported by his brother to do just that. And though the series doesn’t include a major character who’s clearly out as non-binary and/or trans, (though it does contain a smaller character who is referred to as they/them,) I can easily imagine that some of these characters are. Honestly, I feel more included and welcomed by Cupcake & Dino than I have with almost any other series.

So of course, when Pedro Eboli, Creator and Director of the show, generously offered to chat with me, I was excited to ask him whether he and his team intended on creating such a welcoming world.


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