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Writing Coaching with Star

Star is not accepting new coaching clients at this time, but thanks you for your interest.

I work, as a coach, with queer, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming writers. I honor and use all pronouns, and go by they/them myself. 


Confidence is one of the most helpful tools a writer can have. Yet often, when reviewing your work, writing instructors and other readers focus on what needs improvement. That's important. Everyone needs such feedback. But here's why I became a coach:


You also need to know what's working.

And why.

Star String Lights


“Working with Star is truly inspiring. Not only because of their depth of experience and expertise, but because the focus on what’s actually working in the writing gives such a boost to my confidence as a writer and pushes me to explore avenues I never thought possible.”

—KL Pereira, author of A Dream Between Two Rivers

"Star is an absolute dream to work with. They are friendly, warm, approachable, and deeply invested in community. I would recommend them without hesitation to any queer, trans and/or nonbinary person looking for support in writing, or really anything else for that matter."
—Davis Chandler


“I found your workshops to be very helpful, fun, non-judgemental, and encouraging. We students all came with different skills and expectations, but you helped bring out the best in all of us."

—Doriana Chase, contributor to Best Women's Erotica & other publications 

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