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Our Services

Thank you for your interest in our content writing, coaching, and social media services! At this time, we are not accepting new clients, but we wish you well in your search.


As an award-winning author who taught professional writing classes for years, Star knows what it means to write well. And Jake, an established writer and award-winning editor,  is clear on what gives writing power. The secret? Great writers must do more than communicate. Readers can hear  great writing in their heads, because of voice—a gift that stays with a reader long after they’ve experienced it. Voice carries the warmth of a brand, the depth of an idea, a sense of connection and feeling. Voice rises above the noise, like song.


As well as actionable, rich, compelling content, we promise you voice. What’s more, with our widely published team of two, your project will receive the attention of an editor and a writer, both of whom are award-winning. Our subject areas include business, entrepreneurship, psychology, gender and sexual politics, education, social media, spirituality, diversity and inclusion, and LGBTQIA+ topics.

Star, a widely published author who has taught all kinds of writing, from middle school literacy to professional adult writing classes, also offers writing coaching with a focus on improvement and on what is working well in your work. They also offer tutoring for LGBTQ+ high school and middle school students.


Interested? Contact us below. We’d love to hear from you. You can also check out our ABOUT page to read more about each of us. 

We are super-inclusive, always use the pronouns you give us, and are deeply committed to creating safe spaces. 

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