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Lessons from Ghostbusters for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Reach the Right Clients and Community

In business, reaching the right people is vital, as the Ghostbusters quickly learn in the 2016 remake. For my own part, back when I launched my entrepreneurial journey, I was, if you will, “a rather green Ghostbuster.” I’d been a writing instructor and coach for years before I took on my first social media client. Until then, everyone I’d met had been part of the same writing network. Like the Ghostbusters, I had to learn fast!

Below, I share three lessons that I’ve learned about reaching the right people as an entrepreneur, all through the lens of the latest Ghostbusters movie.

Courageous content can be powerful: At the start of the film, Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) believes the book she and Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) published about ghosts must stay hidden, else it will ruin her career. But Ghosts from Our Past actually proves to be powerful content, attracting the Ghostbusters’ first client —and first ghost.

The act of sharing meaningful content can be courageous, especially when we’re saying something new. But such content is a terrific way to attract those who need our services and prove to them that we’re knowledgeable and compelling.


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