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How Entrepreneurs Can Break Into High Profile Publications

I'm honored to have co-authored this new article at Entrepreneur with the amazing Dorie Clark

Entrepreneurs who write for high profile publications can dramatically enhance their reputation and expose their business to new audiences. But figuring out how to break in can be difficult. It’s not just a question of finding the editor’s contact information and hewing to the outlet’s requirements for length and topic.

A subtle but essential nuance that entrepreneurs often miss is how to adapt your writing voice to suit different publications. An editor knows their section and/or publication’s voice in depth, and will quickly reject a poor match. Tailoring your voice to fit a specific market or audience, however, will help you stand out when you need to excel.

As a professional writer, ghost blogger, and editor, one of us (Sue) publishes her work under various names and using various styles -- everything from young adult literature to business writing. Meanwhile, Dorie has written for many major business publications. We've discovered techniques that any professional can use to break into top-tier outlets. Here are four ways you can match your voice to any target publication, so your style is “just right” for them.

Read the rest of the article at Entrepreneur


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