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Non-Binary Blue (video)

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

It's me, Star! I know it's been a while, but here I am, with a brand new YouTube channel, where I'll be sharing my queer, non-binary ideas, poetry, and more. This one's called "Non-Binary Blue," and you can hear me read it in the video above. (You can also join my e-newsletter list for new poems, posts, and videos, or follow me on YouTube.) Here it is the prose poem itself:

Non-Binary Blue:

If gender were color, I’d be blue. Not blue like a bathroom sign, but blue like an ocean, where there’s strength and sheen in the same place, and birth, but not of humans; where sharks lurk and done things are ended. You can ask, “Are you land or sky?” but that isn’t the question. You ask because you’ve forgotten the sea. Perhaps you’ve never seen it, so you’re not sure of it. Perhaps you think the world is dry because you’ve never traveled it. Perhaps you’ve never seen a whale, so find them improbable.

All whales are improbable. That’s why they’re miraculous.

The sea exists. Hold a conch to your ear, and listen. I’ll show it to you, with the sound of the surf and the rage of its rolling. Listen, because I’ll tell it to you: a story of the truth. Someone explained atoms once, and you laughed because air is empty, right? You laughed because you believed your sight was the answer.

But sight is only the answer to the wrong question.

You can’t see the ocean if you aren’t near it. Instead, you have to trust it. Opening is better than seeing. You open with your ears, not your eyes.

Listen, and I’ll open you the ocean. You’ll hear the great swell of it, the crash and leap and birth of it, the axing of its shores, its rhythm, its fight. Listen. Nix the notion of improbability.


I’m right here.

To find out about my videos and posts when they go live, please join my e-newsletter list, where I'll take tender, loving care of your email address, or follow me on YouTube. (I'm new to this YouTube thing, but I'm also committed!). Thank you so much!


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