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Speak your truths when you can, queerly dear

Queerly dearest,

My partner and I shared our truths yesterday. It was terrifying and beautiful, and it brought us closer. One of the hardest lessons I've learned has been to listen to my heart, and know when to show it.

Speaking of which, I also wore a dress for the first time since our amazing Vegas ceremony. I teamed it with big boots and felt femme and awesome, and in spite of the fears of the morning, didn't erase myself once.

Can we actually erase ourselves? Or do we just try? My therapist says, "You were always you, Star, before you came out. You don't have to change how you present, in order to be you."

Word, queerly dearest. Our presentations can't quash us. Let's not let anyone tell us it does.

Oh, and Jonathan Van Ness came out as non-binary, (do read this fantastic article by Drew Gregory,) which, if you ask me, means roses are busting out all over.

Love you, queerly dear,



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