• Star Williams

Heroic General Servicing, the Cupcake and Dino Way

Hi there, friends. I hope you're all safe and well, during what continues to be a challenging time.

Just letting you know about my latest Thrive article, which is about the amazing Cupcake and Dino: General Services, created, directed, and produced by Pedro Eboli, who, on Twitter, did me the huge honor of tweeting the following:

I am a massive fan of the show, as is Jake, and it has helped to keep us going during these trying COVID-19 times. That's why I'm still all flushed and proud about this tweet.

If you're an animation fan, I highly recommend the show, which you can find out about here watch on Netflix! It's one of the most heart-centered, inclusive, and diverse cartoons I've watched. (At one point, there is even a character who is referred to as they/them, which makes me very happy indeed!)

And you can read my Thrive Global piece about the show here. Follow Pedro Eboli on Twitter here.

Take care of you, my friends.