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Devouring Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark

It's rare to find a non-fiction author who has a great deal teach us and is compelling at the same time. Dorie Clark, however, is such a writer. Entrepreneurial You, which is the third in a trilogy of smart, positive, powerfully useful guides, including Reinventing You and Stand Out, is a book you can gobble up hungrily, learning more than you'd thought possible.

By the by, I'm honored to be mentioned on page 221, for helping Dorie with social media and more, part time, for several years -- Dorie initially found me through Grub Street, where I used to work as a writing instructor. I'm proud to say that the story of how we met, which is included in the book, is a lovely demonstration of Dorie's instincts and smarts. 

Entrepreneurial You specifically explores ways of monetizing your expertise, including creating multiple income streams, and more. If you've ever wondered how to more fully draw on your talents in order to make more money online, or how to live the entrepreneurial life you long to lead, Dorie will give you plenty of ideas. You might already be making money online, but how can you make more of it? How can you serve more abundantly to earn more abundantly?

Entrepreneurial You will help you to answer these questions. But considering my writing and editing background, I can't just end my review there! I'm a fan of Dorie's writing, especially when it comes to her books. Entrepreneurial You is a beautifully written guide. (It even rivals Reinventing You for me, and that is one of my all-time faves!). There's a tremendous sense of possibility in every chapter -- Dorie opens up ideas, prompts you to think differently, and selects the perfect real-life stories to illustrate ways of growing and thriving. Her style? It feels as if she is in the room next to you, chatting, sharing ideas. And that room is bright, airy, and big, yet you don't feel small inside it.

Why do I think reading Dorie's work feels this way? She adores her subject, she truly wants to help, and she knows how to be authentic on the page.

To sum up, when reading Entrepreneurial You, it is hard not to get excited about the choices that lie ahead. So go on and pre-order a copy

I expect you'll devour it.


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