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Clients for whom I've provided such reviews include Ivy League professors, award-winning business coaches, and authors from top publications like Entrepreneur and Forbes. 

Below, you'll find some sample reviews, followed by a recommendation from Dorie Clark who I worked with as a copywriter for years.

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Do you want to support authors by offering star-rated book reviews/blurbs, but lack the time to do so? I can help.

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You'll read the book and give me the star rating. Then, either using online research or your notes, I'll professionally ghostwrite a draft review.

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As the reader, you'll need to check that you agree with the draft's content, amending it as needed. Find out more below.


In Just A Sample, Vivian K. Writerly explores groundbreaking psychological experiments of our time that were initially written off as “crazy.” With artfulness and enthusiasm, Writerly describes these experiments and offers powerful examinations of the group dynamics within them. If you’re interested in the science of group behavior and how breakthroughs can truly be nurtured, I highly recommend Just A Sample.

In A Second Sample, E. B. Authorly shows her readers how to build authentic, powerful relationships by being themselves in new and unexplored ways. This book will be especially helpful to those who feel that others seem far better at cultivating strong connections than they are. I certainly recommend the guidance, tools, and insights. If you’re nervous about networking or your strategies don’t seem to be working, A Second Sample is a great way forward.


"I've worked with Star for nearly four years and have complete and unremitting trust in their judgment, work ethic, writing skills, and social media savvy. Star provides invaluable help that allows my business to function successfully. It's rare to find a collaborator who is that magic combination of reliable, talented, and positive, and Star is all that and more. I'm so glad to have connected with Star, who has contributed positively to both my business and my life."


—Dorie Clark, Author of Entrepreneurial You, HBR Contributor

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